Greetings from City Jogger’s Club. We are an amateur sports club registered under the Akta Pembangunan Sukan 1997 since 2014. We have organised and co-host many successful running events in Kuching.

Once again, it is the time of the year for our annual series run, the Momentum Run. This year it will be our 5th fantastic year and it is getting better each year. As there are requests for another full marathon for Kuching, City Jogger’s Club do not want to disappoint its members and fellow runners and is ready to take up the challenge to including a marathon distance, the CAT CITY MARATHON as the 3rd and concluding event in our Momentum Run Series. For more information on our Momentum Run, please click here.

The CAT CITY MARATHON comprises of a 42KM full marathon, 21KM half marathon, 10KM & 5KM runs and will be held on 22 JULY 2018. Yes runners...don’t miss this opportunity, marked your calendar!

We hope to make the CAT CITY MARATHON a yearly event that bring runners from many places to Kuching to enjoy its rich cultural heritage, tranquility and uniqueness of a multicultural city. Come, have fun and experience the excitement of running in our beautiful “cat” city. Together, let’s create the most memorable and successful marathon in Kuching.